Introducing Read Up!

Big news this week! We’re proud to announce Read Up: The Podcast Where We Talk About Books Intellectually and Stuff is the newest addition to the Thought Bubble Audio Network! Read Up will provide reviews and analysis for new, old, and classic fiction and nonfiction alike.

Hosted by Tim, an English teacher with more than a decade of experience who co-hosts Academy Rewind, Beer With Geeks, Tolkien TV Talk, Supergirl TV Talk right here on Thought Bubble Audio.

The first episode of Read Up is already live, and you can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode. You can find more info at

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Our New Logo


It’s time for a new look! Thought Bubble Audio has a brand new logo today, designed by the amazing Ali Eagle.

It’s been a couple of years since we rolled out a new look and feel, and now felt like the right time to make a change. We absolutely love what Ali came up with and we know you will too. You can see more of her work and even hire her here.

A big thank-you to our friend Rhiannon at rhidesign our very first Thought Bubble Audio logo. It’s served us well over the last 3 years and we can’t thank Rhi enough for a classic design that got us to where we are today. Rhi is awesome and if you love her work as much as we do, check her out!

Introducing Loud Women

Today, we're excited to be adding a new show to the Thought Bubble Audio network: Loud Women.

A comedy lover and real-life standup comedian, Marissa Emanuele and Tooky Kavanagh, share their insights about what it's like to be a woman in the comedy world and how they relate to author Lindy West's autobiography, Shrill.

Grab a glass of your best pinot and listen in as these two provide sharp and hilarious commentary on both the book and the Hulu series starring SNL phenom Aidy Bryant.

Episode 1 is already out wherever you get your podcasts! You can check it out here.

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Introducing Metropolis Podcast


Today, we're happy to announce our newest Thought Bubble Audio show: Metropolis Podcast. It's the Internet's first podcast to cover the upcoming DC Comics show Metropolis. Along with the podcast, we're pleased to welcome hosts Lauren and Conner to the network.

Metropolis Podcast is where the conversation begins concerning the upcoming Metropolis TV series. Join Lauren and Conner for news and speculation, plus recaps and reviews once the series premieres.

Their first teaser episode is out now. Subscribe and listen along!

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Introducing Hatewatch With Us

Today, we're proud to announce that Hatewatch With Us is joining the Thought Bubble Audio Network. 

Founded in March 2017, Hatewatch With Us is hosted by Kirstie and Kelsey. It's a variety show for sarcastic people; a fresh perspective on pop culture and media with a generous helping of heart and humor, plus a little bit of snark. We're very excited to welcome them to our family of shows, and we hope you'll enjoy their podcast as much as we do! 

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Introducing Academy Rewind

Today, we're adding a brand new show to the Thought Bubble Audio roster: Academy Rewind.

Tim and Palmer will walk through each and every OSCARS® Best Picture Nominee, one year at a time. They start with 2009, and they'll go back in time from there. Listeners of Supergirl TV Talk and Beer With Geeks already know Tim, and really loyal listeners will remember Palmer's guest appearances. On this fortnightly show, the guys will bring their analytical A-game as they break down the best films ever made every other Sunday. 

Episode 1 is out today. You can check it out here.

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Introducing SHoE | Krypton

Today, we're happy to announce our newest podcast: Starkville's House of El | Krypton. It's the first podcast to cover the upcoming SyFy show Krypton, and the first joint venture between Thought Bubble Audio and McFly Media Group. Here's the idea:

From Derek and Frank, the makers of "Starkville's House of El" and "Supergirl TV Talk," comes a new venture highlighting the SyFy Network's prequel Superman-series, "Krypton," that follows the adventures of Kal-El's grandfather, Seyg-El, 200 years before Clark Kent becomes Superman. SHoE has been covering Superman related television and films since 2005. With "Krypton," SHoE continues that tradition.

Our first teaser episode is out now. Subscribe and listen along!

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