Your Hosts


Tim Gannon

Tim is an educator, musician, and writer. He teaches high school English including classes in Graphic Novels, Creative Writing, and Cinema Studies. Tim lives near Boston with his cat, Tolkien, who doesn’t really care about anything he’s accomplished.


Frank Ramblings

Frank is a lover of classic rock, sci-fi, and superheroes. As a co-founder of Thought Bubble Audio, he is passionate about podcasting and subscribes to over 100 shows. He lives with his wife Marissa outside Boston, but he's still a New Yorker at heart.


Derek Russell

Dating back to 2005, Russell has been hosting podcasts for television shows as well as personal interests, from Starkville's House of El ("Smallville") to The 10th Wonder ("Heroes") and more recently with Starkville Super Friends ("The Flash" and "Supergirl") and Ray's Occult Podcast ("Ghostbusters"). A journalist and freelance writer, Russell has written for DC Comics, CBS Watch Magazine, Titan Magazines and is an award-winning newspaper columnist. He also hosts "...with Brian Austin Green" alongside "Beverly Hills 90210's Brian Austin Green.



Andrew is the long-time friend who introduced Frank and Tim, and a bona fide geek in his own right.


Beau York

Beau is the CEO of Satchel Player, creator of Podastery Studios, and host of several podcasts at that network including Flash TV Talk and Country Squire Radio.



Kelsey lives on the highway between Boston and her house. She enjoys waffles, knitting, and not being a cord-cutter.



Kirstie is a Vermonter and municipal bureaucrat (and yes it's exactly like Parks and Rec, binders and all). She likes music, podcasts, politics, beer, cocktails, Snapchat, knitting and her cat.



Palmer is an expert on all things comics, superheroes, and movies.


Marissa Emanuele

Marissa is a social media marketer with a love of craft beer & the great state of Maine. Follow her out on Instagram for lots of Boston adventures, or on Twitter for lots of dumb jokes.