Introducing SHoE | Krypton

Today, we're happy to announce our newest podcast: Starkville's House of El | Krypton. It's the first podcast to cover the upcoming SyFy show Krypton, and the first joint venture between Thought Bubble Audio and McFly Media Group. Here's the idea:

From Derek and Frank, the makers of "Starkville's House of El" and "Supergirl TV Talk," comes a new venture highlighting the SyFy Network's prequel Superman-series, "Krypton," that follows the adventures of Kal-El's grandfather, Seyg-El, 200 years before Clark Kent becomes Superman. SHoE has been covering Superman related television and films since 2005. With "Krypton," SHoE continues that tradition.

Our first teaser episode is out now. Subscribe and listen along!

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